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14 July 2007 @ 10:46 pm
It was a strange week in some ways. Work's fine, though my coworker who broke his arm throwing a baseball was still out all week.

Friday we went out for BBQ at Willard's. Yah, it was pretty awesome as always. I had the blackened tips platter, mmmmm! Got to see a Lamborghini Gallardo in the parking lot. I suspect it was a rental, but ya never know I guess.

Friday was also the latest installment of the Weird Drink Day. Last time we had yogurt soda, which was soundly declared even worse than the pine bud drink I brought in. This week's offerings were varied. The sugar cane drink was unpleasant. The Turkish sour cherry drink was awesome. Then, we brought out the interesting one. Someone has a friend who imports coffee. She persuaded him to give her a bag of Luwak coffee. At $35 for a 2oz bag, I doubted I'd ever bother trying this stuff. As it turns out, coffee that's been eaten and then pooped by a civet isn't bad. The coffee drinkers really liked it, though even they didn't think it was worth the prices being charged. I thought it was good coffee, but I'm not a big coffee drinker so it didn't impress me much. I drank it black and it wasn't bitter, I must admit.

There's one item to check off off of my list of things I considered doing but didn't think I ever would. :)

On my way home, I found my supermarket had definitely had a Friday 13th as they'd lost power for several hours and blocked off access to their freezer section so customers would't pick up anything that'd unfrozen on the chance it had spoiled. whee. Thus I'm having some of their soup and Campbell's chili this weekend. Although the Campbell's Firehouse Chili is more like Garden-hose chili, it's very tasty all the same.

I've not played my 50 Hunter in LotRO much lately. I got sick of trying to get into raids. My minstrel, though, is almost 40 now.
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03 July 2007 @ 11:53 pm
I forgot to say that before, but figured it was worth saying it on its own. :)
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03 July 2007 @ 11:26 pm
Looooooooooong weekend for me! Traffic's been great the past two days, so I guess most people did take off Monday and Tuesday. I don't get that because to me it's a bit depressing to return to work after a big holiday. I'd rather START a long weekend with BBQ and fireworks. I won't complain, though, as it's always nice to have a light commute.

Work's been ok of late. My boss finally got back from Amsterdam. The coworker who broke his arm finally showed up again, but only stayed for a half day. Apparently he managed to break his humerus while throwing a pitch. I figured it was a collision or fall injury.

I have been having fun leveling up alts in LotRO, although I had ZERO interest in it tonight.

We broke with tradition today and went for Indian food at Minerva today instead of Friday since, well, none of us would be around Friday. I was highly pleased that they had gulab jamun there. :) We've also gone to Picante a couple of times now. Their tortilla soup is awesome. Everything we've had is well above par. Their prices are higher than you'd expect for most Mexican places, but they really do use much better ingredients and keep the quality high. Their 'beef fajita burrito' is truly awesome.
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17 June 2007 @ 11:33 pm
I don't think much of interest will be going on this week. I have a meeting downtown near L'Enfant Plaza, but it's more a matter of reviewing work from other people. Things are going reasonably well about a redesign of some current code. Well, they WERE going well. Late on Friday I realized we'd left a massive hole in the idea behind it. It's not impossible, but the solution will prove to be far less elegant than we'd hoped. ugh.

I've been enjoying doing a large variety of things in LotRO lately. I've been into the new Raid instance, Helegrod. I've done quite well in PvP. I've added to some of my traits. I've run pies all over the Shire. I couldn't resist getting screenshots of the level 50 Hunter, PvP Guardsman with a star-and-a-half carrying a pie. :) I'm trying to ignore another miserable attempt to rate their quests. They have one that's solo which indeed can be done solo, but to get to the instance you have to get past the 30 foot tall orcs and trolls first. right. solo.
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14 June 2007 @ 12:49 am
Yesterday I worked from home so that my front door could be measured for the replacement. It can't happen too soon.

On arriving the guy handed me a package that was on my doorstep. It turned out to be my 10 year anniversary gift from my company. The binoculars are tiny, very portable, and not terribly powerful. They're still fairly nifty though. (Simmons brand) The Swiss Army knife is a fairly spiffy model though. It's a proper one, not some knockoff too. That's pretty close to it, although mine has a 'hook' and no ballpoint pen.

Today, quite a few people were out. Ah well. I got some stuff done and chatted about some of the other projects. All in all, it was a decent day up until it was time to go home. That's when the first round of storms came through. I saw lightning arc down to the ground 3 times. Two of them were just across the creek and road in a park. I've never seen that happen so close to me before. There were several others that weren't too far away either. I had to stop for groceries where I heard it wasn't too bad here. 'Whew,' I though. On arriving home I noticed a bit of shingle material laying on the roof. Of course, it COULD be from a previous damage incident. I didn't see anything missing and wandered to the back of the house where I stood in amazement at the huge chunk of tree which, yet again, BARELY missed my house. I wonder again if I should just have these massive trees taken down before they crush something. :( I like them though ... I'd miss them. I'd not miss worrying about them in these rough storms though. This is a large section of tree, the heaviest portion of which has a diameter of around 4 inches I'd guess. It's huge, and it fell from nearly the top of this very tall tree. Well, I still can see no damage to any shingles at all. I've certainly got serious work ahead of me to cut this thing up by hand though.
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08 June 2007 @ 11:44 pm
The past few days I tried out the Monster Play and found it rather boring. The LotRO monsters don't have the number of options as Free People charactes have. You can rapidly earn Destiny Points, but it hardly matters given the best place to spend them is in Monster Play.

I've sealed the crack on my door frame, and it's holding well. I'm annoyed now that I missed it for long enough to damage the wall by the door. I kept thinking it was a bad repair job that was doing that. I also can't stand the front door and am eager for the people to get on with the outside work on my house, but it won't happen for a couple of weeks yet. The stupid door was stuck fairly hard today due to the heat.

Also, I lost power not long after getting home. THANKFULLY, I got my groceries inside before the skies opened. Amusingly, I got bored enough while I waited to ponder going over to Dream Wizards. They usually have power when I don't. However, cheetahmaster points out that they too lost power tonight. Well, clearly I got power back and now my house is not grossly muggy and I'm a bit more content.

Work wasn't bad, but sometimes I'm so darn BORED with it.

We went out to Minerva again today. It's a pretty darn good Indian buffet. Man, I love gulab jamun! Ok, yes, their entire buffet (mmm, Makhani chicken) is darn good, but those sweet little desserts are just awesome.
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05 June 2007 @ 05:54 pm
Actually, my char dinged 50 on Monday night, but I didn't feel like posting then. He's also a Guardsman with a star. I've been busy.

I have put up some sealant on the crack next to my front door. I am still thinking this crack was letting in water into my wall and letting the gritty wall stuff to ooze out, but 'bugs' are still in the back of my mind too. However, I saw no bugs around the holes at all, so I think they're just cracks from the door frame flexing so much. There are certainly cracks along the top and bottom. I'm actually looking at forwarding putting new siding on the house to try and tackle a slew of annoyances I have, and thus putting off new shingles and furnace until next year.

Life's ok really. No major complains. I even slept fairly well last night, gosh!
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29 May 2007 @ 10:58 pm
Things aren't so bad. I wish I wasn't experiencing so much sleep apnea, but I am figuring that turning on the AC and slowly getting the last of this sinus stuff out of my system will help a bit.

The primary issue contributing to my not posting as much as normal is simply that I play a lot of LotRO these days. In fact, last night I got in with folks who went into the Carn Dûm area. I thought we'd been inside it for a while when I realized we'd spent an hour wading through orcs and trolls just to get to it. :) Oof. Well, I suppose that's no surprise to those used to WoW raiding. My main character is up to 48 as of tonight. I also tried some PvP over the long weekend and enjoyed it. I was amazed at how DAoC-like it was. Of course I was playing a Free Person who are vastly outnumbered right now. (much like Albion was in DAoC so much of the time) It ended up with us hiding behind a keep and NPC guards and jumping out from behind protection to fire a few arrows only to jump back behind protection. Again, this is basically how many of my fights in DAoC went. We did have some good brawls, though, so it was all fine.

I'm mostly over the cold now. It's a shame that it seemed to be making the rounds by hitting several of you all. :(

I noticed that Local Live got an update to Virginia and Maryland so that they're much more recent images. Also, at some point they put in all of Germany in fairly decent resolution. It's not up to Google Earth standards, but it's at least complete. (G.E. is missing some of the extreme northern and southern parts of Germany)
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23 May 2007 @ 11:12 pm
I continue to feel unpleasantly ill. Head stuffed. Nose running. Tired. Wiped.

I am going to make the attempt to get in to work tomorrow at least for a while. I hope.

22 May 2007 @ 04:25 pm
Yesterday I thought I was dealing with an allergy, but no. I realized on the way home that my throat was getting sore and my right ear was closing up a bit. Whee. My fever broke last night, but I need sleep that does not entail waking up every 15 minutes (or less) with my body/brain suddenly screaming that my breathing is labored. Not that it is, but my sinuses and throat are not in the best of shape right now and that triggers the sleeping problem.

LotRO continues to be fun and I continue to let it suck up lots of available time.

Work is improving and is less boring, which is fine.

I did find out that my car IS exempt from emissions testing. They simply didn't enter it into the system correctly, so I need to drag my sorry, sick self to the testing center tomorrow to get it removed. If I still feel too ill, I'll just phone for an extension. I doubt I'd have to pay a penny even if I was late, simply because my car shouldn't have been pegged for testing in the first place.

Looking forward to the extra long weekend as I was already taking Friday off. I'm more looking forward to being healthy though.
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